Autumn Clarity

Here’s a splash of sanguine—a photo befitting November—to show there’s a real-live person running this site.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not a sex blogger. I suppose I was one for a year or two there. I love the community and support that has come from pressing publish here and at Wicked Wednesday and ELust. But my focus needs to shift. Why? Because as a writer forging a career, there are only so many activities I can do on a sustained basis for free.

A lot of growing as an artist means prioritization. I often recall what the brilliant writer, scholar and professor, Alexander Chee mentioned in a conversation at Lithub, “Don’t post what you should pitch…” I look at so many of the stories I posted here and wish I had worked harder on them and sent them off to Playboy or Cosmopolitan UK. There’s no going back. But I can make different choices going forward. I’m excited to see what I can cultivate for paying markets. Wish me luck!


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