Introducing: Haunted

Haunted—a literary erotica anthology exploring the erotic charge of that which is persistently there. Tales of ghosts, memory, obsession.

I’m so delighted to have a story appear in Haunted: A Literary Erotic Anthology from editor, Megan Lewis and Mofo Pubs.

“Dear Eliza” is a love letter from a woman torn by grief.


“The cemetery’s online brochure, with its full-screen photos of green lawns and strangers’ granite headstones adorned in carnations, is only a frustration. I crave connection with you—and if not you, your grave, the parcel of earth that nestles you. I want to dig my fingers into the soil before it hardens. I want to lie prone there above your flesh and forget everything else exists. How long before you are reduced to bone?” 

Will her memories sustain her? Find out on October 26th. Available for pre-order now.


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