Fresh Story: Lemonade

Just in time for languid afternoons at the beach, you can find my latest story in the new anthology by superstar editor, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Candy Lovers: Sugar Erotica.


If you’re like me, you’ll be ecstatic to learn that the collection includes work by legends like R. Gay, Sacchi Green and Rachel herself. Available for free via Kindle Unlimited, this book revives 26 stories from one of Rachel’s out of print books, and adds nine new stories, including mine, “Lemonade.”

Here’s a taste.

“The trees surrounding Zadie’s house are laden with fat, ripe lemons. It’s a bright morning when she opens her bedroom blinds, takes off her bathrobe, lies naked on the clean sheets, and gazes up at the glossy leaves. She spreads her legs wide. Looks at the lush tree just outside, focuses on the heavy yellow fruit. Her hands skim her belly, run below her navel, and she breathes into a fantasy. It’s the same each time. A stranger has picked all the lemons—filled a bucket full. He has sliced each one in half, the fragrance like vaporized joy. Now he’s got one hand between Zadie’s legs while the other holds a lemon to her mouth. He strokes her thighs and presses the wet pulp to her teeth, squeezing the fruit. “Drink,” he says. This is Zadie’s daydream. She’s in charge. Her tongue gouges the sunny flesh; tartness flickers her taste buds. Juice oozes down her chin, her neck, her collarbones. And when she swallows, he clutches her cunt, sliding his fingers inside. She grinds his hand and sucks the nectar, her hips tingling…”

Zadie leaves her daydreams aside long enough to discover she’s attracted to her next door neighbor, Jake. I have to admit, in the process of writing him into being, I developed quite a fondness for him myself. I hope you enjoy it.


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