Thank you!

I owe all of you and the folks over at Kinkly a giant basket of pomegranates and candied pecans. Melina Geenport is now a Top 100 Sex Blogging Superhero!

What is a Sex Blogging Superhero? According to Kinkly, we are “bloggers who have influenced, educated and inspired your sex life. . . bloggers who write well, bravely and often.”

I’m especially thrilled that my work here has earned the spot of #9 on the list of Top Erotica Blogs of 2016. The more I’ve immersed myself in the practice of writing sex fiction, the more I realize how much I have to learn. I’m excited to be able to grow under the gaze of an audience. I aim to improve.

Check out the whole list here. Lots of good reading!



Photo: Public Domain

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