Fifty Choices

Monique stands naked before

  1. her bedroom mirror, its broad frame carved with gold leaf fleurs-de-lis.
  2. her new wife.
  3. the rubber-gloved inspector, his sleeves rolled up to the elbow.
  4. the expanse of the outdoor, heated pool, lit only by torches stabbed into the soil at each corner.
  5. the masked dancer in the brocade cape.
  6. a pit of alligators.
  7. three closed doors.
  8. a college auditorium, every seat occupied.
  9. a buffet table overflowing with breakfast pastries.
  10. her best friend.


  1. sighs contentedly, feeling beautiful and strong.
  2. pulls Clara towards her, their first private kiss since making their vows.
  3. bends forward as ordered, her breasts pulled by gravity.
  4. dips her right toe in to the water.
  5. backs up few steps until her ass touches the cold wall at the edge of the dance floor.
  6. tries again to move her arms and legs, but the bindings are too tight.
  7. skims her hand along the first door, places her ear against it and listens.
  8. points to her image on the large screen behind her. That image points to the image behind it, and so on, until she is infinite, pointing infinitely.
  9. lifts a danish and licks the creamy sweetness from its center.
  10. laughs.

Her pulse speeds and she knows she can no longer put it off. She says,

  1. “Jonathan, get in here!”
  2. “Tell me. Will you take my name? Please?”
  3. “Please. I’m not hiding anything.”
  4. “Anyone up for a swim?”
  5. “Who are you?”
  6. “I promise not to it again; just let me go!”
  7. “Hello? Is anyone in there?”
  8. “How many of you signed up for this class solely because you heard it’s taught by Professor Naked?”
  9. “I can’t eat all of these.”
  10. “I kind of thought, maybe it was time we tried something new.”

The reply isn’t what she wants to hear.

  1. “The game’s still on,” Jonathan yells from the sofa. He hasn’t moved all day.
  2. “Shhh. We can talk about that later.” Clara kneels, kissing Monique’s hip bones.
  3. “Monique, you’ve signed the consent form. Are you rescinding?”
  4. Shelly and Dan strip, holler and cannonball in, splashing water on Monique’s calves and thighs. She dreads being a third wheel.
  5. “Who I am is irrelevant.”
  6. “Your promises are worthless, Monique.”
  7. Silence. She presses her hands to her belly and moves to the second door.
  8. A rustling moves through the room as nearly all of the students raise their hands.
  9. “You can and you will.” Pierre points his camera’s lens at her mouth.
  10. “Wow. Um. I’m surprised.”

Despite her frustration, Monique

  1. pulls her vibrator from its case and spreads her legs.
  2. lowers to her knees, grasps Clara’s face with both palms and whispers, “I love you.”
  3. says, “No.” She clenches her muscles in anticipation. “I’m ready.”
  4. dives in after them, relishing the warm submersion.
  5. arches her back and awaits the next move.
  6. regains composure. The alligators are for show. She knows this. She knows this! She relaxes her roped limbs as best as she can. Now to avoid smiling.
  7. knocks and listens.
  8. says, “Okay. Welcome to my lab. Is anyone aroused and willing to admit it right now?”
  9. takes an almond scone from the platter. “Tell me again,”she says, “about my reward.”
  10. says “Well?”


Photo: Public Domain | Used under CC0 1.0

This post was written for Wicked Wednesday, a site where writers share erotic stories (fiction and non) every week. The fun is hosted by the lovely Marie Rebelle of Rebel’s Notes, whose endeavors you can support at Patreon. Happy 50th Birthday, Marie!

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