How to Start Super Sex

Diana spreads her legs wider, grips the sides of Clark’s shiny head with both hands and clutches his face to her groin. His tongue lashes the walls of her cunt, his nose nudges her clit. He can go minutes without breathing when he’s wearing the suit.

He reaches up with fingers of steel and yanks the bodice of her uniform down. Her breasts spring out, nipples strong and throbbing. He leaves them untouched and instead grips her naked ass. She groans when he spreads her cheeks; a fingertip poises at her anus and does not move.

“Clark.” She releases her hold on his head. He pulls his tongue out and looks up at her.



Diana winds Clark’s cape into a makeshift collar and leash, wrapping it around his neck. With a snap of the fabric, he’s on his knees at her feet.

She laughs. “How super are you now?” His tights stretch over his long, hard cock, but his focus is all on her, on the dampening patch of blue silk between her legs and the X-ray sight of her shiny vulva beyond. Kneeling lower, he peers into her vestibule, her canal, her very womb. Her inner muscles tremble. So there is a softness to her.

She wrings the tether snug, daring him to act. His hyper-reflexes jolt to that dark blue silk between her thighs. He clenches the fabric in both fists and pauses, letting her wet labia pulse at his knuckles. She laughs again. “Well?”

With one wrench, he rips her suit open and latches onto her cunt with a frenzy of deep kisses.



Diana loves looking down from the cockpit. While the autopilot and invisibility cloak are activated, only bio-matter and fabric are visible (and only to the occupants of the aircraft). Beneath her red boots, cloud wisps twist and break revealing a mini-metropolis below. The local fire department has the blaze smothered and most of the smoke has already dissipated.

Clark stands next to her and squeezes her shoulder. “Now?”

She looks up at his sturdy jaw. There’s a cinder smudge on his cheekbone. “God yes.”



Wonder Woman runs from the burning skyscraper carrying a Golden Retriever. The dog’s humans rush to her, crying with relief—all the thanks of the universe tumbling out. She’s about to race back toward the flames when the fire marshal declares the building clear.

Just then, Superman swoops down and lands a few feet away. “How about a lift to your plane?” The crowd cheers. He leans to her ear, “Come on, the folks will love this.” She knows he’s right.

It feels a bit awkward, letting him hold her like a bride or a baby, but before she has time to cringe they are floating. He hovers over the rescued citizens, letting them take in the sight of their embrace. The duo smiles amid roaring applause before zooming up. Up, up and away!


Photo: Public Domain | Used under CC0 1.0

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