Matinee Hideaway

IMG_3183Holly was having the kind of day when she couldn’t keep a hold on anything good—from the essentials, like a clear mammogram and a steady job, to the minor comforts bought from Maurice at the theatre concession stand.

After her doctor’s appointment, she’d come to the movies to escape. But when her large Dr. Pepper slick with condensation slipped through her fingers, drenching her skirt and sending ice skidding to the far corners, she knew the day was doomed.

Still, she tried to make the best of it. She had every moment of the vintage “French Orgy” memorized as if it were classic choreography. With sticky, damp thighs, she waited for the first dildo scene to run one of the remaining ice cubes along her labia. Numb. Numb. Numb might be the best she could hope for. She stroked her lips and clit with melting ice in one hand, and snacked on popcorn and Milk Duds with the other.

When her vagina finally began to pulse awake, when she felt herself surrendering to the strange and familiar world flickering on the screen, buttery popcorn tumbled down the front of her blouse trailing grease. She stopped massaging herself to take stock of the stain, and just then—straining to see in the dim light, absent-mindedly chewing—a caramel latched onto one of her back molars and pulled up an old filling. Nothing was safe.

After the feature, Maurice let her stay past the credits for the next show without a ticket. Used to be he’d want a hand job for a favor like that, but today he could see she was already defeated.

“Need a pick me up, girl?”

“What you got?”

“Come on.”

She followed him up the stairs to the booth wondering what he had in mind and what it would cost her. When she entered the small room, hardly bigger than a closet and filled with a projector and massive reels of film, he was already bent over rooting though his khaki green duffle bag. He pulled out a pair of grey sweat pants and a black t-shirt, and held each to his nose, one by one.

“Clean enough,” he said before handing them to her.

“What are these for?”

“You just look like you could use something dry and soft.”



This post was written for Flash Friday, a site where writers share erotic flash fiction every month. The fun is hosted by the radiant and energetic F. Leonora.


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6 thoughts on “Matinee Hideaway

  1. Your first sentence alone spoke volumes about what Holly was going through. And therapy can be found in many forms: why not popcorn and Milk Duds? 🙂 I was glad she found kindness in Maurice.


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